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Chefs have never been under so much pressure, and Mars Foodservice, the company behind Uncle Ben’s and Dolmio, is committed to helping out, wherever possible.

 As a business partner of the Craft Guild of Chefs, we pride ourselves on listening to our catering customers to understand their very particular business needs and the demands of their own customers, facing every challenge head on in a fast-changing market.

 We do understand, however, is that there are pre-conceptions about using ready-to-use products, paving the way for our See It For Yourself campaign, showing caterers that convenience products can play a key role in today’s commercial kitchens. Part of this is highlighting the sheer versatility of our own rich and robust, time-saving sauces, their superior yield and onus on quality ingredients.

Passionate about helping caterers provide nutritious meals, we are also committed to making our products as healthy as possible. For instance, our globally-inspired, ready-to-use range of Uncle Ben’s and Dolmio sauces are RD salt compliant for 2012 and free from artificial colours, flavourings and preservatives. They are also suitable for gluten and wheat-free diets, making life easier for caterers serving the growing number of diners with food intolerances.

 With meals eaten with rice rising by a third in the past year, our Uncle Ben’s rice products are also on hand to give provide even greater flexibility, cutting cooking times and holding in perfect condition for up to two hours for minimal wastage and smooth separate grains every time.

 Laca stand 2015

All our products are School Food compliant, and, as a company, we have been a member of LACA since the organisation was first set up, and a LACA partner for six years. We also have a partner representative on the LACA board, representing the 26 other partners and their views.

In terms of understanding of the challenges caterers face, we tap into the knowledge and expertise of our consultant development chef, RoLACA Competitiony Shortland, who trained under Nico Ladenis at the esteemed chef’s Michelin-starred restaurant Chez Nico, and runs his own cookery school.

Ultimately, we work closely with caterers to solve issues they might have and make their lives easier, whether it’s to save time or deliver nutritional benefits. We are, after all, in it as a team.